The first Chinese city councillor in Finland

A mother of two, entrepreneur, second-generation immigrant


Jenni works as Election Chief for Euro election candidate Leena Zittling. Euro elections will be held on 23-26th May 2019

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Being an entrepreneur is an alternative to searching for a job. Freshly graduated, unemployed and immigrants into entrepreneurship, for example by giving them more information about founding a company in schools and publication events and by arranging information events. The criteria of rewarding a startup grant to first-time entrepreneurs should be made less stricts, so that the entrepreneur could focus on the most important parts of the business in the beginning. The founding cost of a new company will be reduced by half from the current cost.


Every work and profession is equally valuable and respectable. The starting point is that working should taste better than being unemployed. This is why the welfare traps existing in the working life need to be reduced. The Employment Office should offer more internships than it currently does. To refuse from a work offered by the Employment Office, it should be necessary to produce a written explanation and attach any related medical reports. The accepted reasons to decline from a work offer should be made stricter from the currently accepted.

Daycare and education

In children’s daycare attention should be paid into the quality of the education and the interaction between the teachers and the children. The children of immigrants, whose other parent has a native language other than Finnish, should be given additional support to learn Finnish language. Children who are suffering from learning deficits such as dyslexia and attention deficit disorders will be given more professional support and reviews are done more frequently. In primary schools attention should be given to internationality, the importance of learning about other cultures and taking care of the cultural traditions of Finland.

Immigrants and immigration

Immigrants will be educated about Finnish culture, Finnish working methods and Finnish law. Employers are encouraged to hire immigrants into permanent jobs for example by organising training sessions for employers. Integration is improved by organising events where native Finns and immigrants can meet.


Mother – Entrepreneur – Second-generation immigrant

Jenni is a mother of two children, an entrepreneur, an immigrant in the second generation and a politician. Jenni was born in China Zhejiang province in the year 1989 summer, and I moved into Finland with her parents in 1994 at the age of five. Now she lives in Finland with her family in the beautiful Kivistö neighbourhood. She has a son Levi, born in 2014 and Ella, 2015.

Jenni speaks Finnish, Mandarin Chinese and English fluently. Finnish language is her first language.

She is acting at the moment as a trustee in Vantaa’s leisure board, auditing the administration and finances, and the member of city council.

Jenni’s father was recruited to Finland as a restaurant chef in 1990. After 4 years her mother and Jenni moved to Finland after him. She attended a Finnish language kindergarten, and had all my schooling in Finnish until the University of Applied Sciences.

“The spirit of entrepreneurship runs deep in my veins: my parents have run a Chinese restaurant from the year 1998. When I was growing up, I swore I would never become a restaurant owner. Soon after I finished my school degree, I started my own Chinese restaurant in Vantaa in the year 2013, in the Porttipuisto shopping mall. From a young age I had a lot of experience in the field through my parent’s family business”.

“My life’s direction is guided by sense and philosophy. Continuous competition and comparisons generate pressure between different relations, which can cause conflicts and damage. My motto is “listen to your heart”.”

Why did I decide to join politics?

I became interested in social matters while I was in high school. I realised also, that by joining a political party I could take part in the matters around me.

Because of my multicultural background I feel I can bring new, creative perspectives into decision making. I feel honoured being able to bring the thoughts and voices of the people who voted me in the election to be heard.



 Jenni Chen-Ye, born in 1989, China Zhejiang

Immigrate to Finland in 1994, citizen of Finland since 1998
Specialised in human resource management and retail


Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences – Bachelor of Business Administration 2013 Finnish language degree
Helsinki School of Natural Sciences, 2008

Language skills

Finnish – First language as mother tongue

Chinese (mandarin) – mother tongue

English speaking and written good

Swedish speaking and written moderate

Current trustee positions

City councillor of Vantaa city 2017-

Leisure board of Vantaa city 2017

Auditing the administration and finances board 2019-

Previous trustee positions

Vantaa’s Social Services and Health Care Committee 2013-2017
Vantaan kiinteistö ja vesi Oy, vice-chairman 2013-2017
Laurea-Porvoo regional working group 2013-2017

Other accomplishments

 Talent show -winner, piano 10.8.2008 – EF Language School, London
Piano performance degree 3/3 – Northern Helsinki Academy of Music 2006
Music theory degree 3/3 – Northern Helsinki Academy of Music 2006



Phone: (+358) 050 5126568